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Au Revoir…

21 Feb


It happened a little earlier than I expected but Saco River Yarns is officially closed to the public. Building 13, where Saco RIver Yarns is located is undergoing rapid expansion and construction.  The winter has been unbelievably snowy.  Downtown Biddeford is getting busier and busier and parking is at a premium.  People have been parking in the lot in front of Building 13 to access all downtown businesses but this is creating issues for businesses located in Building 13 as shipments cannot be delivered by tractor trailer due to the crowded parking lot.

Therefore management has found it necessary to enforce permit only parking.  Violators will be booted and it costs $40.00 to have the boot removed.  To serve my customers parking needs and prevent anyone else from being booted, I would be required to purchase dedicated parking spots.  I am only in my store until the 28th of this month.

So it is with a heavy heart I say farewell.

Thank you to all the amazing, wonderful people I have had the privilege to meet.  I have learned from you and my life is richer for having known you even if for a very short time.  I truly hope that our paths will cross again someday either locally or at a fiber event.

It had always been my dream to own a yarn store.  I’m very grateful to all who made that dream possible.  It was one of the most significant learning experiences of my life and while I am closing this chapter, I would not re-write it for anything in the world.

Moving forward, I am still very hopeful that someone will be interested in purchasing the business to keep it going.  There is a deep and rich fiber-related community in this area and I believe in the year I was in business, its surface was merely scratched.  Keep your fingers crossed and by all means contact me if you are seriously interested.  The Facebook page, this blog, Twitter, the new e-mail address: sacoriveryarns14@gmail.com, will all remain open for a bit.

All my best,


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