New Year…Some Changes

2 Jan

Some of you may have already heard that there are changes coming to Saco River Yarns. Some of these are a matter of necessity, some are for efficiency or clarity.

The first major change I have to announce is that the store is getting a new name! As I may have mentioned previously, Saco River Yarns was originally named to closely brand the retail store with its original parent company, Saco River Dyehouse. But as of April of 2013, the two have existed as separate businesses with their own similar but individual identities.

As it turns out the similarities have created a bit of confusion for vendors, customers and the general public. For clarity’s sake, the name of the store is changing. Over time, you will see things changing at the store from “Saco River Yarns” to “B & Me”.

“Who’s ‘B’?”

Well the name is actually an abbreviation of “Biddeford” & “Maine” (B & Me). I want to give you a roll out date for the new name and to celebrate with fanfare but I do not have the branding details completely worked out yet, so this will be a slow changeover.

An immediate change is the store’s phone number. I actually have a real phone now! The new number is (207)286-7865. As usual, if no one answers, it may be that the store is closed, or I’m with a customer or have stepped away from the phone. Being somewhat technology challenged, I have to admit that I am still trying to figure out how to set up the voicemail on this phone, so if you need to get a message to me, I would suggest Facebook, Ravelry or my e-mail (still: for best results.

I’m also changing the hours. The hours are changing to reflect current traffic patterns. I know that they may not be ideal for everyone but these are only winter hours and will be in effect until approximately mid-May at which time, the hours of operation will expand again to accommodate summer traffic.


Beginning Monday, January 6, 2014, I will be open:

Monday 1-6p.m.
Tuesday 1-8p.m.
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 1-6p.m.
Friday 1-6p.m.
Saturday 10-3p.m.

I appreciate that change is never easy for anyone and these are a lot of changes but I am looking forward to all the new adventures we will be able to create together in 2014.

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy, Fibery New Year!      cheers


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