Two for Two!

30 Jul

Second week that I am posting BEFORE the KAN/CAN.  Wooohooo!  Only 28 more successes and I’ve created a habit or so it goes.

I’m liking my decision to only photograph FOs because it feels very doable for me.  However, it does mean that the post is much shorter than it might normally be.  In any event, let’s begin:

Cathy came in with an FO last week that is just all kinds of yummy!  She has been diligently working through her stash making sure NOTHING goes to waste.  She has made a multitude of tiny sock and mitten ornaments which I think I’ve shared and then she brought us this!


I love how the band of multicolored yarn looks like confetti or sprinkles.  Who doesn’t love at least the idea of sprinkles!

Our next FO is not from a Tuesday night knitter but a regular customer of SRY.  Tuesday nights are not always open on everyone’s schedule but I love to share what you make so feel free to send me a photo or come in and let me see what you have created.

I have known Tammy for many years having originally met her when her son (now 20 yo) was one of my Cub Scouts.  What I know about Tammy is that she is multicraftual.  Here is a shawl she made out of Berroco Weekend to accommodate the chilly air conditioned environment of her office.  It took her only two weeks to create this beautiful self-designed shawl.



So there you have it.  Even on a quiet week, we still have beautiful things to share and inspire others.  I would love to showcase yours so send them along.

A reminder that we will be starting our sock KAL the first week of August.  I will be posting the pattern soon!

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