Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

16 Jul

I have been berating myself for not getting the FOs and WIPs from Tuesday night up in a timely manner.  I have the pictures but as the shop is getting a little busier day by day and week by week, writing time is relegated to my home and well you know how that goes…

So I want to get caught up and move forward but do so in a way that does not dismiss all the amazing things that have been done by the Tuesday night group.  Today I am going to treat you to a gallery of FO’s:































































IMAG0072IMAG0063 (1)






















































































I’d like to introduce you to Jeanne.  Jeanne has many of the knitterly qualities I aspire to have.  She is never challenged by a yarn or pattern and will make lemons out of lemonades at every turn.  Jeanne is sporting her very own version of a short “Snuggy”.  This was actually supposed to be a large, felted tote bag but…it didn’t quite turn out.  Ever had that happen to you?  I have.  Jeanne simply looked at the project, saw its new purpose and now uses it to keep her warm during the cold Maine winters.  Remember those? 😉


So there you have it!  The gallery of FO (or mostly FOs).

One final note, we have a lovely group of people who come on Tuesday nights and share their ideas, their projects, their opinions and their laughter.  It is truly the highlight of my week.  A conversation has begun among us about knitting socks as a KAL for the Knit-at-Night/Crochet-at-Night group.  I would like to extend the invite to anyone who follows Saco River Yarns whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or this blog to join us.  If you are interested, leave a message in the comments.  Start off by introducing yourself and maybe let us know if you are a beginner (never made a sock), novice (maybe you’ve made one sock but no the other), intermediate (you’ve made at least one pair), or advanced (you’ve never met a sock pattern or technique you couldn’t conquer).


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