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Two for Two!

30 Jul

Second week that I am posting BEFORE the KAN/CAN.  Wooohooo!  Only 28 more successes and I’ve created a habit or so it goes.

I’m liking my decision to only photograph FOs because it feels very doable for me.  However, it does mean that the post is much shorter than it might normally be.  In any event, let’s begin:

Cathy came in with an FO last week that is just all kinds of yummy!  She has been diligently working through her stash making sure NOTHING goes to waste.  She has made a multitude of tiny sock and mitten ornaments which I think I’ve shared and then she brought us this!


I love how the band of multicolored yarn looks like confetti or sprinkles.  Who doesn’t love at least the idea of sprinkles!

Our next FO is not from a Tuesday night knitter but a regular customer of SRY.  Tuesday nights are not always open on everyone’s schedule but I love to share what you make so feel free to send me a photo or come in and let me see what you have created.

I have known Tammy for many years having originally met her when her son (now 20 yo) was one of my Cub Scouts.  What I know about Tammy is that she is multicraftual.  Here is a shawl she made out of Berroco Weekend to accommodate the chilly air conditioned environment of her office.  It took her only two weeks to create this beautiful self-designed shawl.



So there you have it.  Even on a quiet week, we still have beautiful things to share and inspire others.  I would love to showcase yours so send them along.

A reminder that we will be starting our sock KAL the first week of August.  I will be posting the pattern soon!

23 Jul

The Tuesday night knit/crochet group are a devoted and hearty lot and will brave all kinds of weather to come and visit with me.  Last Tuesday, undaunted by the high heat and humidity, they came to sit, knit, crochet, drink iced tea and share their projects with the rest of the group.  Among these projects were two finished objects (FOs).

IMAG0117Lucille finished her Imogen tee.  Knit out of Quince & Co. Tern in the Bird’s Egg colorway.  This was a big project for her and with a little guidance and support from the group, she is happy to report it fits perfectly!









Lois also finished a pair of socks in a really GROOVY colorway!  The photo doesn’t do the purples, blues, and greens of the yarn justice.  Like these socks?  Been thinking of maybe making some of your own?  Despite last weeks heat and humidity, we are more than halfway through the summer season.  And today, July 23rd saw local temperatures just barely creep into the 70s.  Summer in Maine can be tricky and fickle.  Handmade socks are always squooshy and warm.  But for first time sock knitters, the hardest part of making socks is getting up the courage to make the socks!  Sooooo, Saco River Yarns is going to be having a Tuesday night KAN/CAN KAL  (Knit-At-Night/Crochet-At-Night Knit-A-Long).  A KAL is a project that the group decides to do at the same time.  The benefit of a KAL/CAL is that we are all there to support one another, answer questions, share in frustrations.  August 6 is our official start date.  I will be posting more information about the KAL/CAL on this blog, our Facebook page, and our Ravelry group.  There is no cost to join, just the cost of the materials, unless you have yarn you can use on hand.



Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

16 Jul

I have been berating myself for not getting the FOs and WIPs from Tuesday night up in a timely manner.  I have the pictures but as the shop is getting a little busier day by day and week by week, writing time is relegated to my home and well you know how that goes…

So I want to get caught up and move forward but do so in a way that does not dismiss all the amazing things that have been done by the Tuesday night group.  Today I am going to treat you to a gallery of FO’s:































































IMAG0072IMAG0063 (1)






















































































I’d like to introduce you to Jeanne.  Jeanne has many of the knitterly qualities I aspire to have.  She is never challenged by a yarn or pattern and will make lemons out of lemonades at every turn.  Jeanne is sporting her very own version of a short “Snuggy”.  This was actually supposed to be a large, felted tote bag but…it didn’t quite turn out.  Ever had that happen to you?  I have.  Jeanne simply looked at the project, saw its new purpose and now uses it to keep her warm during the cold Maine winters.  Remember those? 😉


So there you have it!  The gallery of FO (or mostly FOs).

One final note, we have a lovely group of people who come on Tuesday nights and share their ideas, their projects, their opinions and their laughter.  It is truly the highlight of my week.  A conversation has begun among us about knitting socks as a KAL for the Knit-at-Night/Crochet-at-Night group.  I would like to extend the invite to anyone who follows Saco River Yarns whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or this blog to join us.  If you are interested, leave a message in the comments.  Start off by introducing yourself and maybe let us know if you are a beginner (never made a sock), novice (maybe you’ve made one sock but no the other), intermediate (you’ve made at least one pair), or advanced (you’ve never met a sock pattern or technique you couldn’t conquer).


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