18 Apr

Wait.  What?

What is KAN/CAN?  KAN/CAN is the acronym for Knit-At-Night/Crochet-At-Night.  On Tuesday, the shop is open until 8pm  so needleworkers, can come to the shop, have a cup of coffee, maybe a treat (I have been known to bring cookies) and meet other like-minded crafters.  Since week one, I am happy to report, we have had a lovely group convene to work on their projects and share their stories both fiber and non-fiber related.  To date, we have only had knitters and crocheters but I would like to formally invite spinners, cross-stitchers, needle felters and needleworkers to join us.  There is room for everyone!

Now that I am getting the hang of the basic day-to-day operation of the shop under my belt, I hope to regularly post on Wednesday mornings regarding the accomplishments of the crafters who share their FOs (Finished Objects) on Tuesday night.   By the way, if you are a reader of the blog or a regular follower who might have a conflict with Tuesday nights or live too far away to physically join us, you can always share your projects on our Ravelry group or on our Facebook page.

So here is the round-up of the beautiful projects shared this past Tuesday night:

"Simply Divine" Sweaterbabe

Lois created this beautiful baby blanket in no time flat!  The pattern is “Simply Divine” by Sweaterbabe.  Lois knit this gorgeous, scrummy blanket in JaggerSpun Superlamb, a superwash wool in the Cassis colorway.   I LOVE it!!!

Lois’ friend and knitting compadre, Linda also had a lovely FO to share.

Column of Leaves

The pattern is “Brooke’s Column of Leaves”, a free pattern!  She used a beautiful, locally produced wool which she purchased at the Common Ground Fair.  The wool came from the Linda Tyler Farm, Peaceable Kingdom.  My photo does not truly represent the rich, true red of this wool.  Beautiful!!!

Donna, on of the regulars at my Thursday night knitting group in Kennebunk, the Seed & Bean Stitchers, came in sporting her most recent FO:


Donna is a prolific crocheter and it seems like she made this beautiful sweater, Cinnabar, by Doris Chan almost overnight!  Donna used yarn from the “Wall of Yarn Adventure”, mystery yarn which we sell in the back room, to create her latest masterpiece and let me pose her to show off her handiwork.  Inspiring!!!

Doris, one of the original Tuesday night KAN/CAN members finished a blanket she had been working on for a few weeks.  Doris works on multiple projects at the same time.  Something which I also do BUT Doris actually finishes her projects.  Here is a beautiful baby blanket created for a new family member’s impending arrival:

baby blanket

Doris used stash yarn and her imagination to create this lovely piece.  The new baby is very lucky!  By the way, I had no sooner taken the photo when Doris had her next already started blanket on her lap.  Impressive!

Last but not least, Hannah arrived with a knitting dilemma.  We worked on solving the problem and through trial and error (a patience I don’t always have with my own projects), Hannah came up with these adorable finished projects:

Manta ray stuffies

Manta ray stuffies!!!  Have you ever seen anything so cute!  The local YMCA swim team is named the Manta Rays so I wonder if these might be for them?  If they are sssshhhhh…. they might be a surprise!  Hannah mentioned that she had twelve of them to make.  No doubt she will “fly” through them quickly.

So as you can see, lots going on at Saco River Yarns…  I LOVE to see what people are working on so please share and of course, don’t be a stranger!!!

Until next time keep on “rolling”!


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    Carol, a blogger at All That Yarn, wrote a nice post about Saco River Yarns. Check it out here. And if you leave Carol a comment, remind her to introduce herself when she visits!

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